Friday, March 28, 2014


The Regina Pats were facing elimination on Friday night in Brandon against the Wheat Kings. The Pats dropped game three 5-4 as the Wheaties came back from down 4-1 to win their third straight game to start the series. Daniel Wapple made his series debut in that game and got the start again in game four. Sam Steel dressed for game four in favor of Maximillian Kammerer who played in the last game. The Wheat Kings Jayce Hawryluk who suffered some shortness of breath and chest pains after the last game suited up and played in game 4. Hawryluk had scored a hattrick and added an assist in the win on Wednesday. A must win game for the East Division Champions if they wanted their season to continue until at least Saturday at the Brandt Centre. The Pats scratches for game four were Tyler Fuhr, Tye Hand, Maximillian Kammerer, Rylee Zimmer, Austin Wagner, Chase Harrison and Brady Reagan.

In the first period the Pats got off to another good start and put the first 5 shots on goal and got the first powerplay in the game but were unable to score. The Wheat Kings then got a man advantage of their own and though they didn't score the momentum shifted. Daniel Wapple made some unbelievable saves to keep the game tied. One on a breakaway from Chad Robinson and another on Tim McGauley on a 2 on oh. Brandon would open the scoring at the 12:31 mark off a turnover as Jesse Gabrielle would put home his 3rd of the series from Jayce Hawryluk and it was 1-0. Brandon kept it coming and on a delayed penalty late in the frame would go up 2-0. Richard Nejezchleb put home his own rebound for his 2nd from Eric Roy and John Quenneville at 19:04. That's how the period would end with the Wheat Kings leading the shots on goal 13-8.

In the second the Pats had another good start in a period but Jordan Papirny made some big stops to keep the game at 2-0. The Wheat Kings would get two straight powerplays which the Pats killed off and the game got very testy in the period. A lot of pushing and shoving after the whistles and Dyson Stevenson dropped the gloves with Taylor Green in a short fight that left Green on his backside. The Pats would get their second powerplay of the game with 14 seconds left in the period. On it they got a break as Klimchuk tried a pass from the right corner back to the point but it hit a skate and redirected passed Papirny and in for his 3rd of the series. Connor Gay and Kyle Burroughs the assists at 19:58 and the Pats were within 1 headed to the third. The Pats outshot the Wheat Kings 15-12 in the third but trailed overall 25-23.

In the third the Whewat Kings would restore the two goal lead at 1:53 as Jayce Hawryluk snapped home his 5th from John Quenneville and Jesse Gabrielle. The Wheat Kings kept coming and scored at 13:30 off another tunrover, Ryley Lindgren fireing home his 2nd unassisted and it was 4-1. Then on the powerplay Brandon made it 5-1 as John Quenneville put home his 3rd from Rihards Bukarts and Rene Hunter at 17:04. That was the final score as the Wheat Kings completed the sweep of the Pats. Brandon outshot the Pats 17-6 in the third and 42-29 overall.

The third star of the game went to the Wheat Kings Jesse Gabrielle who scored a goal and an assist in the game. The second star to Jayce Hawryluk who also scored once and had an assist and the first star to goaltener Jordan Papirny who stopped 28 of 29 shots.

All the best to the three graduating Pats, Dyson Stevenson, Boston Leier and Jesse Zgraggen.

Scoring Summary

1st Period

Wheat Kings Goal at 12:31. Jesse Gabrielle (3rd) from Jayce Hawryluk.

Wheat Kings DP Goal at 19:04. Richard Nejezchleb (2nd) from Eric Roy and John Quenneville.

2nd Period

Pats PP Goal at 19:58. Morgan Klimchuk (3rd) from Connor Gay and Kyle Burroughs.

3rd Period

Wheat Kings Goal at 1:53. Jayce Hawryluk (5th) from John Quenneville and Jesse Gabrielle.

Wheat Kings Goal at 13:30. Ryley Lindgren (2nd) unassisted.

Wheat Kings PP Goal at 17:04. John Quenneville (3rd) Rihards Bukarts and Rene Hunter.


Anonymous said...

Might have been a different team this year if we have traded Eberle and Tuebert to brandon during Brandon's mem cup year. Those picks/players would have been paying dividends. Good job in net tonight by Wapple. Team really has to work on structure to the game as well as composure. Hopefully next year's A'S AND C'S have that in their game.

Anonymous said...

This organization wasn't ready to win. From management to players they wren't ready. Brandon is a young talented team. The Pats don't have anywhere close to that type of talent coming back. Should have moved some of the dead weight at the deadline. Obtaining a bunch of young talent is more valuable than a four game sweep. It wash;t a good year and there has to be someone held accountable. Nobody wants to hear where they were predicted to finish. Turning over a third of the team to get two home playoff dates means nothing except to the Parkers.

Scott Shiek said...

Our worst players were 2 of our 20yr olds in Leier & Zgraggen. So many turnovers for these 2 in this playoff series, they were brought in here to help us win a series to help bring back a winning tradition here.

The sad thing is with this franchise under the Parker's is 'always next year' well me being a long time fan since ive been a small kid, a season ticket holder for well over 20yrs (even at the age of 32) is getting sick and tired of hearing 'next year'

Under the Parker's it has been year after year or next year, make small tweeks to the roster and hold onto star players and get nothing for them when they move on to the pro ranks. When will these owners finally understand that giving up a playoff gate (2 games for the most part with this franchise) is worth it in the long haul to build a strong team and see over 5000 in the building all season long and a few rounds into the playoffs would make them so much more money in the end.

This city will come to games when there is a winning product on the ice consistently. Game 1 was a sell out and with the piss poor performance of the team there was barely 4000 at Game 2, if that doesn't speak loud to this ownership I don't know what will. Yes they saved this franchise back when they bought the team from Hickie & Knight but its time to move on Parker's people are getting sick and tired of the same ole story here.

Im not a firm believer that Lang actually has the full run of things here. yes he has improved our 50PL and has had 2 very successful drafts but he still isn't able to pull the big deal involving a star player or 2....Stephenson and Stevenson both should of been moved at trade deadline, the return of Stephenson would of set us up for the next couple of years. The return on Dyson would of been a swap of a 20yr old and a young prospect much like what Stoon got for Craig and Valcourt.

With those trades the Pats would of still be in a playoff race and still most likely would of squeaked into the playoffs at #7 or #8 but still looking at the bigger picture of a rebuild.

Are the Pats really that much further ahead then our last playoff appearance? that year's team lead by Weal had 82pts and finished 7th, this years team finished 1st in a very weak Eastern Division with 85pts... that's a whole whopping 3pt difference. The only positive out of those 2 teams is that we are actually encouraging offensive play but lack defensive support.

The Pats will be returning (8) 18yr olds off this roster as 19yr olds and possibly could be 10 guys depending if Hand & Fuhr stick on. basically the same number of 19yr olds we had at the start of this year & what did we do, we made tweeks & didn't improve the age group that actually needed improving and that was the '96 group which is EXTREMELY weak.

Scott Shiek said...

Our 20yr old situation next year is even weaker then it was at the start of this year. Outside of McVeigh I don't see us keeping any other of our possible returning 20yr olds. Lets face it the rest are role players (even though im a huge fan of both Christoffer & D'Amico) Im assuming both Stephenson & Sinitsyn move on plus is Sinitsyn good enough to return as a 20yr old euro?? I am a fan of his puck moving game, just wish the guy would lead the rush alittle more.

Brandon is going to be a power house next season they will be above and beyond everyone in our division. They may take interest in Klimchuk from us but KM very seldom sells the farm for an elite player. Trading Klimchuk is really our only chance at bringing in some quality prospects to steer this franchise in the right direction even more, we've made a very small improvement & that's not good enough for most fans here.

Also what a great thing to get 2 quality 16yr olds no playoff game time. Reagan should of been a regular in our defense all season long he played a measly 27games and ZERO playoff games. Zimmer sure he didn't record any points this year but by no means did he ever hurt us out there, he did a lot of good things and improved a lot as a player.

I really hope the Pats draft another Russian at the euro draft, look at the quality rookie Russian players in the league this year. Really hope that's a tread that is going to stick around, they possess great puck skills and very good shots.

Hunt, Gay, Wapple, Burroughs, Williams, Schacher & of course Klimchk (if we don't trade him or he don't go pro which I doubt) are the few bright spots for this team next season. But looking at those players where is the bright spot at center??? Is Steel ready to step in and be an every day player for Klimchuk? IMO no he is not, after watching how much further along Patrick is looks like Steel may have a lot of growing pains ahead or maybe it was just due to the lack of confidence the coaching staff showed in him.....

All in all this season was a success as it provided some positive life back into a lot of season ticket holders (myself included) we hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel but in the end I would say a very high percentage of season ticket holders were entertained this season with the brand of hockey we did play. Sure we need to tighten up defensively more but the creativeness offensively has been a very welcomed addition after past coaching styles of Conacher and Hunt.

***My post was too long for 1***

Anonymous said...

What kind of coach does not play his three 20 year olds all out on the in final minutes of the last of their WHL career??? Classless

Anonymous said...

...great post Scott. I read your frustration on every line. In 2010 we didn't move valuable assets and that has set us back even up to today. In 2014 we didn't move valuable assets and that will set us back again for many more years. It appears Lang shares the same philosophy as BP, and after all who hired him. The conference was so weak we could have made a number of trades and still grabbed a playoff spot. You don't have to finish first to win a round??? We needed an injection of high end 96 talent and we didn't get it. BIG mistake.

The Template of seeing what you got in the first 6 weeks, making 5-7 moves by deadline and hope to get two playoff gates is simply unacceptable. Yet it continues year after year. Brandon always moves assets and they rarely miss playoffs. A lot of what they have today was from assets they accrued from other teams. A sly move got them the #1 overall pick this draft. They were moving assets and hoodwinking gullible GM's. We are usually paying too much for these cast offs. Brandon's huge assembly of young high end talent will have them at the top of the conference for years to come.

Gay and Hunt are marginally bright spots but they also have big time skating deficiencies. We need SPEED as we are simply too slow in team speed. Neither of these guys has the speed to stay with their checks. You seen it all playoffs. Size was also an issue as Brandon's huge D kept us to the outside all series long. There is much we lack but returning talent is the biggest concern.

We will need to use Klimchuk, a veteran d-man, perhaps drop down in the draft, and whatever else we can do to obtain some quality 96's.The cupboards are bare. This happened under Lang's watch.

Much needs to be done but I get the sense nothing will be done unless this franchise is sold. It's the only way I see to break this losing cycle and stopping the use of this terrible template....